Abdul Basit Ismail's Poems

Cork It Up

It's time we stop this game.
Which has no distinct name.
Than the already made.
Such distressful and shame.
Why don't you lower your gaze?
When you proclaiming, am a male.
Just avoid the stain.
Cos, everyone has an aim.
Why don't you stop this spade.
Which always makes the heart to blaze.
Don't forget about your ape.
Who will surely bite from the same cake.
Not even your mate.
This soo strange.
Why can't you brake this cane?
why? close that gate
It is a dirty way.
Don't shake
The same day
But try to make
A new base
That will sail on the lake
To spain.
That's the world's aim.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Evolution Anthem

Aim little great.
Be in a simple trade.
Cast on a little make.
Dance With a little shame.
Eat simple bake.
Food of great taste.
Glimpse the show with a bite of sane.
Inspire no matter the hate.
Jump high into the hemisphere of the late.
Keep going up no matter the sharp spade.
Lift your aims above the cage.
Mention in the book of ape.
No, don't blaze.
Ointment of real insane.
Poison by their lips of make.
Quench the pain with a name.
Respond to the game.
Spit on the shame.
Turn around to view the trending shake.
Union of snake.
view the same.
West is made.
Xenophobia of the tape.
Yard of the great lake.
Zygote of the Danes.

Abdul Basit Ismail

A Heart Of Two

You have been the one and only medication my heart needs to function.
You have been the only part my heart needs to be complete.
My heart is not filled till you enter.
My heart is quenched by the views you display.
The light in your eyes lighten my path to achieve my aspirations.
The tone in your voice deposits me in the rivulet of joy.
My heart is hormonal but yours is emotional.
The steps you take makes me a king  in the making.
The evolution in your styles  makes you a star in the sky.
My heart can only merged with yours.
Am your bridge of passage.
Am your podium which rises you above no comparison.
My heart has a home, so enter.
The pleasure in your site makes me brighter.
Unless i ignore the light in this matter.
But the truth will always be the one to shutter.
so, you don't need to shudder.
You in the arms of your luxury maker.
I always see you in my heart when i ponder.
The light in your eyes makes my blood pressure.
Allow me to speak in this manner.
Cos, my intention is above higher.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Happy Eidul-Adha

As the day appears in an oblivious speed.
The clouds glowing adventurously with ease.
As i uplift my views above the zinc sheet.
I saw a smiling moon with a glowing teeth.
As you focus below the tree's sheen.
You will realize the horrible sneeze.
A big cow in the field of bleed.
As you move a bit lower to the teens.
You will inhale the gaily and gaiety in their  speak.
As you proceed a mile to the venue of the Eid.
You will get in touch to this festive scene.
As you retreat to the homes the scene breed.
You will find similarity just like guppy and reed.
As you continue with the infinitive view of the scene.
I will be diminished into the doom of my creed.
As am getting to the tail of this sheet.
Lets crumble into our pocket this festive scene.
And it will be a reminder of a great jollification beam.

Abdul Basit Ismail

I Need You

Tiny rivulet snakes down my cheek
After I got injured by your beak
Heart bleeding out pain as a result of your treat
Heart trembling even after your cheat
The views from your eyes makes me neat
Thoughts about you makes me speak greek
I got better from the sight of your sheen
The day appears brighter when you speak
I feel am in mars when you greet
I know you won't reject my sheet
The link which will make an eagle and a crow to meet
The show will be seen
Don't worry of the beam
I hope you won't leave
I need to express my plea
The tears in your eyes makes me weep
Don't worry i know what it means
Such lovely like beans
Shape like a leaf
That's what I need

Abdul Basit Ismail

I' Rise

Do you think the tickling of the second hand on a clock is in vein.
The disparity between you and i is dilated.
My impecuniousity does not mean am worthless.
You touchered me when i needed caring most.
l'll rise Snowy or drought.
i'll rise The tintinabulation of the blunderbuss shudders the vulnerable.
They plan to put me in an utopia.
Blood spilling like waterfalls.
Beating humans to resemble the slaughtering of sheeps.
Starvation seizing my hunger and luxury.
Weeping bitter biles of anger.
Sleeping with my mind frozen with thoughts.
Body full of pot holes and strips of blood.
Tears been dried by agony and pain.
The screaming of pain is echoed at last end of the earth.
The animal kingdom were very curious to know the vain of the scream.
Yet, the villain can not get any sense out.
Cos, the ossicles of their ear is broken.
Dilating from the villains act is to disintegrate their skull
to get rid of the wickedness in there.
They invited an utopian to assist them on how to eliminate me.
Beating humans impeccably.
My xenophobic heart won't eradicate until the villain forfeit greatly
and taste the bitter biles of their actions.
Their plan are to no aveal, cos the survivor will rise like the sun,
grow like the trees and be known like stars.

Abdul Basit Ismail

I Shall Survive

Isn't there time for everything? living in night of terror,
When fear and grieve is deeply flying in the darkness of the skies.
Yet i shall survive.
Wondrous scenes happen in favor of the distressed.
But the wicked does not notify.
This happens wondrously by nature.
They have no axe to grind.
Beating human to resemble the slaughtering of sheep.
I shall survive.
Their bloody tears is full of anger and rage.
Their sweat displays agony and pain.
Scars and wound promises action.
Heart filled with hatred.
They must walk on egg shell to prevent flaming fist.
Cos, the warpath of nature will rise to the extend of upsetting the apple cart.

Abdul Basit Ismail

My Dream

I had a dream in the heart of a great nation.
It wasn't too real but needs to be mentioned.
I realize i was in the hut of temptation.
But i only saw that when i came to a realization.
AS a man, you need to be hardworking on a notion.
That's you are stronger than the aforementioned.
This world we reside is an examination.
so, we have to pass to gain the congratulation.
As you can see, my dream is beyond imagination.
Clean your heart in order to achieve your aspirations.
What swarms around you are your inspirations.
This is such a great agitation.
My heart can only quench when i undergo redemption.
But i need no retaliation.
Cos, i need to satisfy my sensation.
I have been on this calculation.
So as to certify my unusual confusion.
As i uplift into the world of socialization.
My poetic mind got stuck by absorption.
so i step onto the conclusion.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Let It Go

You have been inflicted with broken heart.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
you have been imprisoned for years whiles you are innocent.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
your hands got amputated as a result of an accident.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
you have failed your examination to proceed to the university.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
you have lost your job which provides you with income to take care of your family.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
Not able to overcome sadness and agony makes you a weaker person, so let it go.
Your husband has married another wife in addition to you.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
Not giving up does not mean you should keep pain and agony in you but rather let it go.
your business has collapsed.
such painful and destructing, let it go.
You have to be strong no matter what happens to you.
Keeping sadness and pain in you makes you weaker.
So no matter what is the problem, let it go.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Let Me

Let me display my inner intentions.
You cannot lecture on unknown information.
All your thoughts has no weight.

Let me divulge the skeleton.
You shouldn't place suspicion on the innocent.
All your actions will yield fruitless oranges.

Let me tell you how i got to the acme.
You don't have to sit on the wall to imagine the unimaginable.
All your intentions have bounced back to your court.

Let me narrate my own story.
You have only an empty idea of it.
All your emotions are rudely against it.

Let me write my own biography.
You are not my employees.
All your betraying efforts will be in null and void.

Let me intervene in your work.
You won't be able to produce any product.
All your plans are stuck in a pit.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Scanty Series

Little simple lies lie in the heart of simple beings.
Like moon, like stars with certainty of tides.
Lovers drowned as a result of tremulous pleasure.
Enemies appear only in the site of treasure.
They do not even take a measure.
Neither to reduce the pressure.
After been in that gesture.
Not noticing the texture.
This is camouflaged by nature.
Why this mixture? Don't you have a teacher?
Such a great thinker.
This happened like a seizure.
This a serious blander.
His cheeks become tender.
After given the title, a defender.
What's next in this fixture?
It's going to be a great future.
So, have a great leisure.

Abdul Basit Ismail


The spartans are up to uphill the hill.
The spartans do not retreat nor surrender.
The ability to unveiled the veiled.
The power to over see the unseen.
Yes am a spartan.
A spartan of my life.
A spartan to the end of time.
Yes am a spartan.
Am a top notch spartan.
A spartan who strain every nerve to appear on top.
Yes am spartan.
Don`t try me, cos am little like an ant but a lion in display.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Obstacles That Clogged The Road

I woke up from a deep valley of agony and rapacity.
I listen to the master plan of my elimination whispering in my ears.
I feel the murderer of my success of murmuring in my vein.
I listen to their song each time i place a step.
I have been their daily task to accomplish.
They never thought an impecunious seed will grow such tall.
Their mayopic minds won't allow them to think success.
Their rage only feed and destroy a bright star.
Their crumble little plans resemble that of a nuclear weapon.
Which can cause a great loss to people's lives and properties.
Their views on you mark's your destruction.
Their venom is more powerful than a viper.
Hatred has adapted them with features  of reptiles and canivals.
They are the obstacles that clogged your road to success.

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Diminishing Doom

The faction based on realistic fact is fortuitous.
Precluding from the problems of reality  is to focus on oranges you are carrying and not the snakes crawling beneath you.
To  be overcomed by a disorder does not mean you are not liable of kicking the flaming ball.
The revaning clouds shall not long stay.
The mysterious happen when hard work prevaile.
To be awarded with the platinum, then you have to stand firm in hard times and focus on your goal no matter what happens.
The winner always smile because he has been able to overcome sad and difficult moments.
You can curtail the darkness when you love to overcome your weakness.
The doom becomes ugly and darker when laziness and fear have made room in you.
Bumbling around the bushy bush.
Do not be bullish because such act is a burmer.
Try to be a spartan of your life.
Yes a top notch spartan.
A spartan to the end of time.
Cling on to your aspirations to reach the climactic victory.

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Jollification

I woke up to see such a ginormous granny.
I woke up to inhale the aroma of the gravy.
I woke up in a surrounding full of grouchy.
Though am little grumpy but am like a guppy.
I woke up in splushy bumpy.
Not realising the damnable bandy.
I woke up in an oblivious jollity not realising the grumpy.
I woke up in an obtruded home but full of jolly.
I woke up from a past of gaily to a present  of gaiety.
I woke up in  a palace full of golden plumy.
I woke up in a friendly planet not noticing the bumpy.
I woke up in a titanic not realising the pirates are in the suits of piracy.
I woke up in a house which was soo plasticky.
I woke up in rapacious atmosphere which has boost my rapacity.
I woke up in a state of rascal but never mind cos, is such a rarity.
I woke up in yunkee so dont expect me to be wishy -washy.
I woke up in a ginormous family that is too unwieldy.

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Knight

Such an incredible scenes occuring.
This a dead pool.
What happened? why do you want to know.
cos am the knight.
The scenes are clear when you KINDLE the fire around you.
NEXT to you is your shadow.
INSIDE you are your emotions.
GET the scene with your eyes.
HIGH above you is the clouds.
TURN around to see the beautiful world.
It happened in the dark.
But the scenes were clear.
Do not underestimate the power of a knight.
A human with a lion heart.
A nocturnal as well.
Can you roar? And even dismantle your skull.
Hey, the alarm.
see you then.

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Gigantic Tree

Such a gigantic tree.
Heads made of three.
Branches swinging free.
Birds set-off and flee.
Such beauty as a lee.
Don't try to be me.
Neither he.
Cast of termite and bee.
Thou fruits resemble thee.
Reproduces abundantly like she.
The ventral view is a key.
The clouds displays like the sea.
Just get to see.
Roots can be found in a wide dig.
Such wonderful and deep.
showing fancy lifestyles of teens.
Such a great a leader just like a reed.
Such doom can only be seen by a beam.
This is a nice steam.
Keep it up to your kin.
Just as you will do to your king.

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Parasites Breeding On Our Blood

As the novels of the white men passed out
Freedom and chanting moments were born
Being of our on patrons
Living on the vein of our own culture
Dwelling on the left-over-ruined-riches
Mined and dug by the claimers

We promised and pledge to ourselves and the country
We proclaim fairness and anti-bullying allegiance
To our resources
This tongue of certainty seconds ago
Now slanted and sharpened
Rapaciously red like the flaming fire

They have been victim of parasitism
On the home
Created and invented by their palms
Polished and colored by their minds
Roofed and covered by their lips
They breed on our blood

Abdul Basit Ismail

The Pharoahs

Heart hard like iron fist.
Blood spilling like waterfalls.
screaming loud like lunatics.
They are the blood tasty giants.
Seeing blood makes them happy.
Blood all over their face.
The pharoahs roar like lions.
They are fierce and strong.
But who is going to rescue the vulnerables?
Ain`t there any man? Where the so called gangsters?
Aren`t they got eyes?
What are they using their gangsty life for?
Just to cause riot in town?
Just to show off?
Just to hold carpentry tools in their hands.
shuddering to face the villains.
The spartan is on the verge of vengeance.
The spartan will fight the villains till their wreckage hour peeps it head out.

Abdul Basit Ismail

We Shall Get There

The voracious clouds shall go.
No matter how it glow.
We shall get to the show.
But we don't have to move slow.
The sea flow.
The fishes swim below.
So don't think low.
Just walk on the coal.
We are in the world of techno.
so please don't say no.
We have just eaten from a bowl.
So don't be in that row.
Cos we can get to the show.

Abdul Basit Ismail

Why This?

When your eyes were flooded.
I wiped the sorrow and agony.
When you needed me.
I stood up for you.
When you were falling.
I supported you.
When you lost hope.
I injected you with inspirations.
You got better.
When you were angry.
You got better by my fancy jokes.
I was the bridge you walked on to cross the success road.
I lost everything in the cause of supporting you.
Mother's love, father's love and  family's love as a whole.
What did i do to deserve this? Why are you turning your back?
You injected me with a vaccine.
I cannot revive from.
Why are you telling this bitter bile? Why this?

Abdul Basit Ismail

They Claim The City

sleeping in comfort
luxury surroundings
pleasure arousing aroma of delicious foods
They claim the city

Arrogant and proud
Fill their thoughts
No equality is available
They claim the city

Privileged and honoured
Amidst people who need concern
But little do they care
Yet they claim the city

Posh cars
Of assorted colour
Lies the lavish
They claim the city

Squander alone
Smile with all
Swimming in the euphoria of pride
They claim the city

In their hands lies the zeal and veto
To manipulate the the city and its contents
They walk in town with huge lump of ego on their shoulder
They claim the city

Abdul Basit Ismail

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