The time has come for us to become madmen in your chain - Poem By Rumi

The time has come for us to become madmen in your chain,
to burst our bonds and become estranged from all;
To yield up our souls, no more to bear the disgrace of such a
soul, to set fire to our house, and run like fire to the tavern.
Until we ferment, we shall not escape from this vat of the world
how then shall we become intimate with the lip of that flagon and bowl?
Listen to the words from a madman:
do not suppose that we become true men until we die.

It is necessary that we should become more inverted than
the tip of a comb in the top of the twisted tress of felicity;
Spread our wings and pinions like a tree in the orchard,
if like a seed we are to be scattered on this road of annihilation.

Though we are of stone, we shall become like wax for you seal;
though we be candles, we shall become a moth in the track of your light.
Though we are kings, we shall travel straight as rocks for your sake,
that we may become blessed through your queen on this chessboard.
In the face of the mirror of love we must not breathe a word of ourselves;
we must become intimate with your treasure when we are changed to waste.

Like the tale of the heart we must be without bread or ending,
that we may become dwellers in the heart of lovers like a tale.
If he acts like the seeker, we shall attain to being sought;
if he acts the key, we shall become all the wards of the lock.

If Mostafa does not make his way and couch in our hearts,
it is meet that we should lament and become like the Wailing Column.
No, be silent; for one must observe silence towards the watchman
when we go towards the pavilion by night.

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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