Oscar Wilde Quotes [6]

People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it's impossible to count them accurately. ~Oscar Wilde

Popularity is the one insult I have never suffered. ~Oscar Wilde

Punctuality is the thief of time ~Oscar Wilde

Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit. ~Oscar Wilde

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. ~Oscar Wilde

She behaves as if she was beautiful. Most American women do. It is the secret of their charm. ~Oscar Wilde

She is all the great heroines of the world in one. She is more than an individual. I love her, and I must make her love me. I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain. ~Oscar Wilde

She is very clever, too clever for a woman. She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness. ~Oscar Wilde

She...can talk brillantly upon any subject provided she knows nothing about it. ~Oscar Wilde

Sin is a thing that writes itself across a man's face. It cannot be concealed. ~Oscar Wilde

Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer. ~Oscar Wilde

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. ~Oscar Wilde

Some things are more precious because they don't last long. ~Oscar Wilde

Some things are too important to be taken seriously. ~Oscar Wilde

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for. ~Oscar Wilde

The basis of optimism is sheer terror. ~Oscar Wilde

The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame. ~Oscar Wilde

The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read. ~Oscar Wilde

The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means. ~Oscar Wilde

The heart was made to be broken. ~Oscar Wilde

The most terrible thing about it is not that it breaks one’s heart—hearts are made to be broken—but that it turns one’s heart to stone. ~Oscar Wilde

The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death. ~Oscar Wilde

The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously-and have somebody find out. ~Oscar Wilde

The one charm about the past is that it is the past. ~Oscar Wilde

The only artists I have ever known who are personally delightful are bad artists. Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninteresting in what they are. A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical of all creatures. But inferior poets are absolutely fascinating. The worse their rhymes are, the more picturesque they look. The mere fact of having published a book of second-rate sonnets makes a man quite irresistible. He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realize. ~Oscar Wilde

The only people I would care to be with now are artists and people who have suffered: those who know what beauty is, and those who know what sorrow is: nobody else interests me. ~Oscar Wilde

The only way a woman can ever reform a man is by boring him so completely that he loses all possible interest in life. ~Oscar Wilde

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful. ~Oscar Wilde

The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole. ~Oscar Wilde

The past could always be annihilated. Regret, denial, or forgetfulness could do that. But the future was inevitable. ~Oscar Wilde

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing. ~Oscar Wilde

The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius. ~Oscar Wilde

The reason we all like to think so well of others is that we are all afraid for ourselves. The basis of optimism is sheer terror. ~Oscar Wilde

The secret of remaining young is never to have an emotion that is unbecoming. ~Oscar Wilde

The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last. ~Oscar Wilde

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. ~Oscar Wilde

The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ~Oscar Wilde

The very essence of romance is uncertainty. ~Oscar Wilde

The world is a stage and the play is badly cast. ~Oscar Wilde

The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history. ~Oscar Wilde

The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork. ~Oscar Wilde

There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up. ~Oscar Wilde

There are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely-or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. ~Oscar Wilde

There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing. ~Oscar Wilde

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. ~Oscar Wilde

There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel that no one else has a right to blame us. It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution. ~Oscar Wilde

There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love. ~Oscar Wilde

There is no sin except stupidity. ~Oscar Wilde

There is no such thing as a good influence. Because to influence a person is to give him one's own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn with his natural passions. His virtures are not real to him. His sins, if there are such thing as sins, are borrowed. He becomes an echo of someone else's music, an actor of a part that has not been written for him. ~Oscar Wilde

There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. ~Oscar Wilde

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. ~Oscar Wilde

There was so much in you that charmed me that I felt I must tell you something about yourself. I thought how tragic it would be if you were wasted. ~Oscar Wilde

They get up early, because they have so much to do, and go to bed early, because they have so little to think about. ~Oscar Wilde

They've promised that dreams can come true - but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too. ~Oscar Wilde

This wallpaper is dreadful, one of us will have to go. ~Oscar Wilde

Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies. ~Oscar Wilde

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