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Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear. ~Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

A temper denotes anger. Truth spoken from a calm place is not folly. That should tell us a little something about the rebutting. ~Dexsta Ray

Adolescents need to be reassured that nothing—neither their growing maturity, their moods, their misbehavior, nor your anger at something they have done—can shake your basic commitment to them. ~Laurence Steinberg

All anger feels like righteous anger; sorrow does not care whether it is righteous or not. ~Mason Cooley

All those who offer an opinion on any doubtful point should first clear their minds of every sentiment of dislike, friendship, anger or pity. ~Gaius Sallustius Crispus

Almost anyone can stir up strife and anger, it takes wisdom and skill to still and smooth troubled waters ~Terence George Craddock

An anger never breaks a rock, But a man of patience wilt eat the honey therein ~Sir Toby Moses

An insult angers me. Being ignored crushes me. ~Mason Cooley

And so shall starve with feeding. ~William Shakespeare

Anger always kills a fool! ~Edward Kofi Louis

Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love. ~George Eliot [Mary Ann (Or Marian) Evans]

Anger and offense only manifest as a response of whatever doesnt function in or stand in opposition of the corresponding truths. ~Dexsta Ray

Anger becomes limiting, restricting. You cant see through it. While anger is there, look at that, too. But after a while, you have to look at something else. ~Thylias Moss

Anger born of pain is misnamed, it is simply grief ~Grace Mariner

Anger consumes love frees! ~Jason Callender

Anger destroys your body! ~Edward Kofi Louis

Anger destroys your health. ~Edward Kofi Louis

Anger doesnt solve a problem; and, war is not the answer to peace. ~Edward Kofi Louis

Anger has great power to destroy you, It comes for a short time period but sometimes it gives us life long pain. ~Sweta Leena Panda

Anger is a brief lunacy. ~Horace [Quintus Horatius Flaccus]

Anger is a decease whose remedy is the consultation ~Pijush Biswas

Anger is a self defense of your unsuccessful aim ~Susan T. Aparejo

Anger is one of the sinews of the soul; he that wants it hath a maimed mind. ~Thomas Fuller

Anger is only one letter short of Danger...and thats D! ~Dee Corpolongo

Anger never gets the job done. ~Walterrean Salley

Anger never travels alone, but always with stress and many an unwanted guest. ~Walterrean Salley

Anger only hurts the one whos angry. ~Tameeka Smith

Anger still remains the no.1 ranking restless driver of all times. Just dont let it drive you ~Cebolenkosi Kubheka

Anger was a dead mans theory. ~Shreya Nair

Anger, fear, and sorrow, all to be lost by tomorrow. Love today, be humble everyday. It is the only way. ~Victoria Hudson

As the sea.. Receives red hot lava and transmutes it into green glass jewels, she with listening compassionate ear turns anger into love.. With every word she hears. ~Saiom Shriver

As you have strong and deep roots, and a thick tree trunk, you can grow new leaves everyday no matter how many branches will brake from the wind of anger. ~Sotirios Skoufis

Because life is too short, we cant afford to hate anyone. Hatred only fuels anger that harms our heart at the core & health at its worst. If you decide to unlove or dislike someone, go ahead. Dont hate. ~Abu Sufian

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. ~Maya Angelou

Count one to ten and see how your anger is gone ~Deepak Kumar Pattanayak

Do not give in to the proddings of anger which incite you to give a cold shoulder against the one who cause you to be angry. ~Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dont raise your voice, improve your argument.Hard facts and proper articulation of facts are stronger weapons than showing anger and attempting to intimidate your foe. ~Daya Nandan

Found the anger in danger, fly butterfly fly ~Bud Taylor

From his proceedings in Congress, he appears demented, and his actings and doings inspire my pity more than anger. ~Andrew Jackson

Gentle answer deflects anger ~Kudzai Kizito Madangwa

Hamlet. What, looked he frowningly? Horatio. A countenance more. In sorrow than in anger. ~William Shakespeare

Hatred and anger are twin brothers. ~Jonathan Karanja

He who is incapable of feeling strong passions, of being shaken by anger, of living in every sense of the word, will never be a good actor ... ~Sarah Bernhardt

Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burnt in itself. ~Gauri Vyas

How worrisome it is to witness devilish competence turning a big country like ours almost schizophrenic on non issues! ! ! Rarely do we set a new trend extolling competence, inventions, initiatives and start ups. We work overtime in facilitating divide, anger, suspicion and condemnation. We love hoary institutions to wilt rather than blossom; we put small men at high places to ensure servility; we get increasingly afraid of successful men and institutions. We can hardly allow the rot to continue and to spread. Transformation must start; it has to be from our schools. Our teachers must stand with heads held high. Those who wish well of the country, must rally round the teacher. ~Prasanna Mishra

Hunger is a taste of food, anger is a waste of blood. ~Vaidyanathan Ram

I am absolutely sure that a lot of Daddy anger has more to do with unrealized dreams than with messy rooms. Trust me. Youre not really angry at your kids. Youre angry at somebody else, somebody who is a far less distinguished person than he dreamed of being. ~Hugh Oneill

I have no anger for Miss Rihanna, as you masturbates on her pictures, while I lay wasted. ~Adeosun Olamide

Idleness makes people feeble and peevish. Work makes them stalwart and prone to anger. ~Mason Cooley

In the contempt and anger of his lip! ~William Shakespeare

In this world there is only one person and thing I fear the most and its me and my anger, because they can take possession of me and make me do anything they want. ~Sujay Asukar

It Will Be Pass! this quote makes me calm whether Im too anger, sad or too happy. Thats why I feel more better! ~Yohannes Jemaneh

Like a hot green chilli on the edge of my plate- despite being my favourite- anger can never be at the centre-stage. It can enrich my song but cannot be its theme. ~Prasanna Mishra

Living in anger is against Law of Nature; so is living in hypocrisy. ~Prasanna Mishra

Lovely speech calms the heart; but, anger kills the fool. ~Edward Kofi Louis

Melancholy is nearer anger than bliss; closer to tears than to smile. ~Prasanna Mishra

My anger thought you too ignoble for my love, and close examination finds you too magnificent, and only equals are joined together smoothly. ~Franz Grillparzer

Never mock a man in his anger. ~Ebi Robert

No one who has any self-respect stays in Ireland, but flees afar as though from a country that has undergone the visitation of an angered Jove. ~James Joyce

None other that its own rust destroys iron like ones own anger! ~Uma Ram

Oppressors of liberty will corrupt righteous anger opposing unjust systems, into scapegoat hatred for individuals, which can then be prosecuted by stealers of justice and freedom ~Terence George Craddock

Over there, in Europe, all was shame and anger. Here it was exile or solitude, among these languid and agitated madmen who danced in order to die. ~Albert Camus

People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice. ~Charles Bukowski

The death of love starts with anger! ~Edward Kofi Louis

The myths about what were supposed to feel as new mothers run strong and deep. While joy and elation are surely present after a new baby has entered our lives, it is also within the realm of possibility that other feelings might crop up: neediness, fear, ambivalence, anger. ~Sally Placksin

The truth is without anger or doubting; the truth is forever! ~Edward Kofi Louis

There is something in our corrupt humanity, the ability to rage in anger when confronted with criticism.We need the humility of the servant Christ. ~Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

We dont rule with anger! ~Edward Kofi Louis

What seems to me the highest and the most difficult achievement of Art is not to make us laugh or cry, or to rouse our lust or our anger, but to do as nature does—that is, fill us with wonderment. ~Gustave Flaubert

When anger rushes in through the door, wisdom flies out of the window ~David Wood

When im fustrated, I get motivated to do the best. My fustration and anger is my catalyst to the best in life ~Preston Mwiinga

When the pond was smashed by his clenched became a cradle rocking for little fish. Anger is the ore for lovegold. ~Saiom Shriver

When we acknowledge our childrens right to want things, as well as their right to be upset when they cant have what they want, it can go a long way toward defusing their anger and the tantrums that occur as a result. ~Nancy Samalin

Whoever incites anger has a strong insurance against indifference. ~Philip Dormer Stanhope

Yeah it left me into pieces. The fact that it was a personal thing with someone you thought you could trust and not thinking in the back of your mind what they really are after it. It saddens me that things like that cant be maintained between two people. But to let others know what occurred. It was as if I shattered to a million pieces... But I... I wouldnt do anything to harm anyone I care. Even with such anger no one deserves for what was not meant for others to hear. But were different we all take things differently and thats the problem. We all use our anger to either burst into the public while some others just hold it within. I dont blame, I dont blame. I just wish it couldve never happened. The outcome of everything is whats left from our decisions. But in the end I take blame in all. -Michelle Morales ~Michelle Morales

You would rouse to anger a heart of stone. ~Sophocles

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